Is Mister Chai certified organic?

Unless otherwise specified, each of our ingredients is independently certified organic and Fair Trade.

Do you ship overseas?

We sure do! Please contact us for international shipping rates.

All products are fully sealed and customs-ready.

Do I have to make it with milk?

No! Our Honeybush and Tulsi and Mint are best without, our Rooibos is lovely either way.

We do recommend serving our Masala Blend with your favourite milk - cow, soy, almond...

Where can I buy your chai by the cup?

Check our list of stockists to see if your local cafe serves our Chai. If not, ask them why not!

Is Mister Chai vegan?

All of our products are 100% vegan except for the Sticky Chai which has New Zealand bush honey in it.

Our loose leaf blends are all sugar free.

Are there any additives or preservatives?

No. All of our products have no additives or preservatives. Simply tea, chocolate and spices, with the Sticky Chai having fresh ginger and honey too.

Is chai good for me?

Yes! Chai was first dreamed up as a health tonic and has many beneficial properties.

Read more about them here.