Our Story

Meet Tim and Jess, NZ's favourite chaiwallahs!

Tim's chai journey began many years ago in the jungles of the Nilgiri Mountains, when friend and guide Prem 'the cheese man' initiated him into the art of the chaiwallah.

He hasn't stopped making chai since.

Years later and now a qualified herbalist, Tim had given up his search for an authentic chai in NZ cafes. Despairing at the proliferation of syrup and powder 'chai lattes' he decided it was time to bring real chai to NZ, and in 2013 he and Jess created Mister Chai.

Mister Chai honours Tim's background in healing/herbal medicine, and our respect for the life-giving traditions of chai handed down by Prem. Fresh ginger, organic tea and Prem's secret 'good health' blend of whole spices are still the foundation of all our recipes.

Chai is our health tonic, passion, daily ritual, & liquid meditation.